12 Steps to Successful ‘Small Business’ Marketing

by | Jul 23, 2023 | Marketing | 0 comments

The only thing that gives goosebumps when it comes to new business is – “How to do marketing?”

Especially when the business is at the initial level we all struggle with getting clients. All those who think they are not good at sales then stop right here. If you don’t like marketing, then be ready to invest in someone who can do marketing for your business. If you are still reading, then great! Welcome to the world of social media.Least Investment–Good returns.

Marketing yourself is what will give you new leads and more clients.

So let me ask you this-if your friend decides to start a new business will you be the first client of your friend by default?

Yes–I know your answer. Confusion–How can I just be a client?

I have to know if he/she can really do it. All true but I don’t need the service and so on…we have many reasons to not be the first one to experiment. So if you are asking your friends to get you clients then you already know the answer why they aren’t referring you to others.

I have come across a lot of people who say they tried everything but nothing works out. They did everything from pamphlets to visiting cards, brochures, ads, Facebook, Twitter, and all social media apps.

Then why did it not work out?

Something was lacking and we need to fix that. This article will have a lot of things that you can do. If you have already done some–great however don’t stop reading, theremight be something that you missed. Trust me things will work out with a plan.

I may come across pretty to the point but that’s the truth. Every new business comes with a lot of struggles so be ready to give your 100% even if it’s your part-time hobby that you are converting into a business. Give 100% in that 1 hour to your hobby.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Make a plan–Write down everything. Please don’t trust your memory. It has been proved that documented goals are achieved better than the ones in thought.
    • Write the goal you want to achieve in the next 3-6 months. (I prefer shorter plans as the execution is quicker and keeps me motivated) eg.–earn $4k every month or get 10 clients or sell 300 products.
    • Now get to the steps–Write a detailed plan with every step you plan to take and yes–it has to have a timeline. (you may end up redoing the plan multiple times till you get all your ideas on paper)
  2. Medium of Marketing (MOM)
    • Find which marketing tool you are most comfortable with–Facebook or Instagram or just friends or visiting cards or WhatsApp.
    • Choose your medium even if they are multiple good. With more options more grounds to cover. But if you are not technology savvy then you will also do for now. (Learn and upskill yourself to use the latest portals–It’s free)
  3. Words
    • Research: Once the medium is final. Do research as to how people post the ads in yours. Like if it’s Facebook–find out who your competition is. and how do they post? What words and sentences work? (Perfectionist–Warning–DO not do over research. Too much research may also demotivate you. Remember you have a timeline to follow.)
    • Write your ads. (ideas come at weird times–while having tea, brushing your teeth, or while talking to a friend.) Grab your phone immediately and write it down in your notes.
    • Be Creative: You know the wordings – Play with it and try and create something new.
    • Be Real: DO not fake yourself. Write what really comes from your heart. People buy your vision first and then the product.
  4. Publish: Groundwork done! Now start publishing your posts and ads. (perfectionist–Warning–Please don’t wait till you learn a lot. Perfection comes with time and practice.)
    • Use your contact list–Send messages and emails and let people know about your new venture.
    • Use your influencing power–Ask your family members and best friends to forward it.
    • Slip it in–find more options to pitch it in conversation with new people.
  5. Regularity: Whatever you do-do not lose hope.
    • In your action plan add even the adverts planner.
    • Try and post every week/fortnight something on your page.
    • People believe what they see–be visible.
  6. Join Groups: Step out and find people like you.
    • Best motivation is to be with like-minded people. (Want to lose weight make friends with fitness-conscious people)
    • Spend some time with people in your field and get a better understanding of the business world.
  7. Be open to feedback:
    • Listen: People will give you feedback–good or bad. Listen-every information is good.
    • Do what you feel is right: As is said “Listen” that does not mean you agree with everyone. Listen–Analyse–Act.
  8. Word of mouth: If you have taken the basic steps and improved every week with consistency–word of mouth will follow.
  9. Be ready: Yes–Be ready to take upon new business.
    • Don’t let down the clients. Invest more time if need be.
    • Most of them realize that they don’t have enough time for it and hence decline.
    • You have sown a seed–it has to flourish if you have watered it. Please don’t throw away the fruits when they grow.
  10. Patience–The one thing that this entire process takes is PATIENCE. A tree does not grow in a day. But a small plant does. So think about what is it that you want to be–A plant with weak roots or a tree with strong roots. The transition of a plant to a tree will take time… So Breathe… And stay motivated.
  11. Accountability: Wherethereisaccountability actions are better. So make someone accountable for your plan. A friend or a family member or a coach. Tell them your plans so that they can check on you and remind you of your goals.
  12. Be Positive: Stay positive.
    • Listen to motivational videos if you feel things are not working. If affirmations work for you then do that.
    • Do whatever makes you happy but try and stay as positive as possible. That’s going to help you build a bridge from where you are to your goal.

As I always say

“Dreams are good–They help you understandyour goals. So do dream but then get upand start taking actions to make those dreams come true.Success doesn’t come only by dream about itand expecting it would manifest someday. It comes from what you are readyto do to achieve and doingit.”